It all started with a plastic doll, a book - The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel - and a bunch of friends. It quickly became a blog, turned into a collective experiment with strangers and a beautiful project based on trust and creativity. 
  • Hypothesis:
• See the world through the eyes of a plastic doll.
• Trust strangers with one of your beloved possessions. 
• Connect people who don't know each other and ask them to share something personal with a complete stranger.

  • Apparatus:
• a Clonette doll
• a camera
• a big envelope and some stamps
• a good dose of love

  • Procedure:
• Receive the globetrotting doll in the mail.
• Take her to your favourite places and document her visit.
• Share your photos on this blog.
• Send the doll to the next participant along with something personal.

Interested in participating? Get in touch here!

Photo by Fee.