Wednesday 20 January 2016

Ashford, England.

When Zadie arrived it was Christmas time. The day before Christmas Eve I took Zadie to Dreamland in Margate for the day. It was a grey day but Dreamland is so colourful, and fun filled! We enjoyed wandering around the park, hearing people's cheers/screams on the rides, happy smiley faces, Christmas music playing in the background, and of course taking photos. Zadie got to experience the fun loud music in the roller disco and see the pretty Ferris wheel in full swing.

Then Christmas time came around very quickly. Zadie got to enjoy Christmas with my family. 

It was great for Zadie to meet my other dolls! Such a colourful bunch! My first clonette doll was found while I was in Paris with my friend Lina. I then managed to find two more while I was visiting friends in Brighton.

Photos & Words by Nicola.