Tuesday 3 November 2015

Ramat Gan, Israel.

Zadie arrived at Israel, and was quite pleased to visit me at work. I'm a translator and I work full-time at a translation and localization company. I always make sure to have stuff on my desk that makes me feel good, and Zadie fits right in! The canvases depict photos that I took in Japan a few years ago, and the Do What You Love plaque was given to me by my wonderful parents when I first joined the company. 

I live in central Israel, in the city of Ramat Gan. Despite its close proximity to Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan doesn't share its neighboring city's fame as Israel's Big Apple, and is often regarded as a boring place, with a mostly older population. Nevertheless, I like it just fine. Here, Zadie is smack in the center of town, which has quite a lot of green areas. 

My boyfriend and I went to visit our friends at their new apartment. We were greeted by their two lovely daughters, Danielle and Abigail, who fell in love with Zadie at first sight. 

My two friends took me on a journey to a strange land, taken straight of Hayao Miyazaki's films. Abigail loves the character of Mei from My Neighbor Totoro, and even looks a little like her!

We hitched a ride with Spirited Away's Chihiro and her dragon, Haku. 

Zadie got so dizzy, that she fell on her head. 

We ran into an old friend, Cheburashka. 

• • •

It's early evening, and Zadie is standing in front of my living room window. That's right − the buildings are so close to each other that I can almost see into my neighbors' apartments. Until Zadie arrived, I've never noticed how many palm trees we have in Ramat Gan. Funny how sometimes you don't see what's right under your nose (or window, in this case). 

Back at my workplace. The office building is located at the outskirts of a small town. The view is lovely − too bad I work in a cubicle that has no windows.

I love to buy items made by young Israeli designers, so I took Zadie to a pop-up shop at the local shopping mall. One of the sellers, an up-and-coming fashion designer, was more than happy (but also a little shy) to have her photo taken with Zadie. The beautiful jewelry is the work of another young designer. 

Zadie provides just the right touch to this colorful stationery display. The bright, cheerful colors are just what the doctor ordered for anyone feeling a little blue! 

Zadie was so excited to see her sisters. What a great reunion they had! 

Words and photos by Irit.
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