Tuesday 24 March 2015

Woombye, Australia.

The town where I live, Woombye is abundant in pineapples and home to the Big Pineapple (cheesy tourist attraction) so I wanted to make sure Zadie got to visit. On her very first day I took her to a local art exhibition, a place I’d never visited before (but had always wanted to!). We also got to go on a boat cruise with a bunch of friends and Zadie got to pose with two little girls who both wanted to keep her - I had to explain the big journey she’s on and how she’s just making a quick stop here in Australia! I live not that far from the beach so Zadie came with me on a few beach missions; she also got to meet our cat Gremlin, who happily shared his nap time with her. Zadie also visited some parks, went on a few busk walks near our home and had some quiet moments as well.

Zadie was the sweetest visitor and I hope she remembers her trip fondly and has a blast in India! Thanks for letting me be a small stop in her huge journey – I miss her already! 

- Fee.

Photos by Fee. Full set here.