Sunday 23 November 2014

Bialystok, Poland.

In late November, I was able to host Zadie in my city. It is an experience I would recommend to everybody. The project is truly outstanding and I love having been able to become a part of it. She was like a bright spark in the depressing beginning of fall. Walks with her were lovely, and together we visited the biggest landmarks of Bialystok.

I wanted to thank Adeline for having me join Zadie's adventure. I already envy that little doll for the possibilities she has. I wish you safe travelling, dear Z. Say hi to the world from me! :)

We went in & around the Branicki Palace for about a dozen of times, and Zadie definitely loved that. My friend helped with holding her, since Zadie is a companion so light I was afraid the wind would take her away. Oh and days can get windy around nowadays!"

- Kasia.

Analogue photography by Kasia.
Full set here.