Monday 15 September 2014

[Chapter Two] From A to Z - introducing Zadie.

Photo by bbvn_1.

Mimosa is the name of a yummy cocktail, a 1920s British record label which issued small gramophone records for children, a Czech microsatellite and the lovely plant featured above. 

What's not to love about a name evoking champagne, 
music, outer space and fluffy flowers?

It's also the colour of a new globetrotting doll. A new colour for new adventures. Her name is Zadie and she's already headed to Finland to meet Polly. As Katrina pointed out: "I love how Ada's name begins with an A and Zadie follows with Z.

From A to Z, let's launch Chapter Two! 

• New Doll, New Rules.

The procedure remains pretty much the same - except for a couple of things:

• In addition to the doll, each participant will receive a few challenges inspired by Magda Lipka Falck's Anywhere Travel Cards

"There are many different types of travel. Sometimes they carry us right across the globe, sometimes out into space and sometimes just around the block. Sometimes there is a journey going on inside us. 

I have created a travel guide that is situated somewhere in the middle. A travel guide that will hopefully lead you to places you have never seen before – though you may visit them every day. A place you have forgotten, a place you have never searched for or a place that does not exist." 

• Once you're sending the doll onto her next destination, you'll have to write a letter and send a token to the next participant.

The token (for lack of a better word) should be personal and precious, not because of its monetary value but because of the story you decide to attach to it. It can be a book you loved, your favourite tea, the flyer of an exhibition you went to... Entrust a stranger with something you cherish.

"A complete stranger has the capacity to alter the life of another irrevocably. This domino effect has the capacity to change the course of an entire world. That is what life is; a chain reaction of individuals colliding with others and influencing their lives without realizing it." - J.D. Stroube.

• New Facebook Page & New Blog Layout.

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