Wednesday 7 May 2014

Ten things we love about Ada.

  • She took a cab in Mumbai, went to the Sahara desert and drank out of a coconut that was bigger than her in Brazil. Her passport is a map of my dreams. - Adeline
  • I love how unselfish Ada is about her attentions, she has so many beautiful sisters and I love that they are often featured on the blog. My favorites are: Sierra, Greta and Mama Mango. - Nikki
  • My favourite thing about Ada is that she enjoys quiet company as much as I do. - Melly
  • I'm impressed that she managed to consume an entire 2lb burrito when she came to LA. - Cesar
  • I love that she's unafraid to wear red from head to toe. - Katrina
  • Her colour changes depending on her mood (and the lightning). - Adeline
  • What I loved about Ada was the heritage and stories she brings. It is incredible to see all the places she has been and then think she has come to visit me. It reminds me how big the world is sometimes, and how small I am. I just wish you were inside her, and could see out her eyes, and join her on all her adventures. - Kim
  • What I love most about Ada is that she is just a plastic doll, but in this very simple state she is travels the world taking this inspiring sense of wonder and excitement along with her. Ada is a magical doll, her magic is the happiness she takes everywhere she goes. - Nikki
  • I appreciate her tips on how to travel light. Most of all, I appreciate Ada's visits. She inspires me to take better pictures. - Katrina
  • She brought good people into my life. - Adeline

Photo by Katie.
Words by Katrina, Kim, Melly, Nikki, Adeline & Cesar.