Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Newcastle, Australia.

We were so happy to have Ada visit us again, but this time on the other side of the world. We are slowly driving around Australia and it was a pleasure to have Ada join us for our time in Newcastle. 

First things first, we went to check out Nobby's Beach - to lie in the sand and dip our toes in the sea. It was perfect beach weather. Ada loved the lifeguard outfits, that she just had to get a picture with them. 

Next we went to explore the ocean baths we kept reading about in the tourist books. It's just the place to go when you feel like a dip with out waves or if you want to swim some laps. 

After a swim we spotted this cool old tram that runs tours through Newcastle. 

Then we continued to walk along the coast line up and down all the hills, cliffs and beaches. We even spotted some para-gliders jumping from the cliffs and floating around for what seemed like forever. 

Ada really enjoyed exploring Newcastle with us. But after all that walking we all went for a well-deserved and delicious coffee. 

Before we knew it, it was time for Ada to head off to her next destination - New Caledonia. 

Bye Bye Ada!

Newcastle, Australia.

Photos & words by Saskia.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Brisbane, Australia.

Ada had a great little visit to Brisbane, although the weather was a little grim.

She went to visit the man-made beach at South Bank just outside the city centre, and had a look at the Brisbane ferris wheel, but didn't go up in it cause thats kinda silly and only for tourists.

Brisbane is built around the Brisbane river, so Ada went to the look out and saw the city and the Story Bridge. 

Ada also went to see the best coffee shop in Brisbane, LTDespresso, and was even allowed to pop behind the machine and make a coffee.

She had a stroll through China Town and went to see some new street art from Melbourne artist Ghost Patrol

A trip to Australia would not be complete without a little shop in an Op Shop (Thrift store) where Ada picked up a new book for her travels.   

Words & photos by Kim