Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ferrara, Italia.

Ada felt like a Renaissance doll in Ferrara: she could show off her good manners pretending to be a Milady here and, useless to say, everyone fell in love with her. 

We explored Ferrara, I showed her the Castle  (that she really enjoyed and eventually tried to siege), the ancient dome gargoyles and some old alleys of the city center.

The day before she left, we had fun at home and I made her some special travel documents she could take to Greece, I was afraid she could get lost or bored during her postal journey.

Enjoy your world tour Ada, hope to see you again!

Words & photos by Elena.


  1. Oh, I have such fond memories of my last visit to Ferrara. I'm sure Ada will never forget her stay too!

  2. OMG I am absolutely obsessed now. Your work is such an amazing beauty! I am glad You are here to share with us Your story, I love that red doll and scenery.
    Amazing quality of Your pictures and beauty of Your red doll in that all places - really lovely. Love YOUR BLOG and pictures. Have a nice weekend sweetie.