Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ada passou uma semana comigo no Rio (uma semana bem nublada e chuvosa, coitadinha) em novembro de 2011. Confiram nossas aventuras (e vejam mais fotosaqui).
Ada spent a week with me in Rio (a very clowdy and rainy week, the poor thing) in november of 2011. Check out our adventures (and see more pics here).

Words & Photos by Camila.


  1. Ada... honestly, this is the most jealous I've ever been of your glamorous traveling doll life! Gorgeous photos!

  2. I cant believe I actually understood what was said in Portuguese, anyways, these photos are great despite the cloudy day.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Specially the one with the fruit & feet :)

  4. these brazil shots are awesome!!