Monday 23 May 2011

Washington, D.C. & Alexandria, Virginia.

Ada goes to Washington

I had been waiting for Ada’s arrival since June 2010. I followed her travels closely and was even a bit jealous when she got to meet some of my blog friends before me.

I think it was the color that first drew me to Ada... Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a cheery red doll?

Ada and the Washington Monument

Ada blurry

Since I live so close to America’s capital city, visiting friends are always insisting on the tour... White House, Washington Monument, Union Station, etc. We headed out early with Ada to take in the sights, but I could tell she got bored fast.

Ada and the white house

New Friends

And here is the great thing about Ada - she is not one of those friends that visits and insists on being entertained. No, Ada is the friend you can simply take to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy time together.

So, with this new understanding, we left D.C. and headed to my favorite part of Virginia, Old Town Alexandria.

Ada's new sparkly friend

Ada and the red door

Ada and the flowers

Ada and the USA

Living so close to a big city, people aren’t especially warm and friendly. People keep their eyes averted, concentrating on iPhones or street signs.

The day we went out with Ada, Jeremy and I had a ball. We laughed when White House security guards came over to monitor the suspicious behavior of a 6’ 2” man climbing up the gate of the White House holding a plastic doll over his head. I yelled when Jer thought it was a good idea to set Ada on a windy peer, precariously close to the water. “How will I explain that we lost Ada in the Potomac River to Adeline?!”

We were so wrapped up, that we were shocked every time someone stopped us to say...

“What a pretty doll!”

“May I ask what you are doing?”

“Is this for a special art show?”

“Would you like a photo of the three of you?”

“Ok. I came over because I just know there is a story here!”

In all seriousness, isn’t that what we all want? Someone to genuinely want to hear our story?

If there is a lesson that Miss Ada left me, it’s this - live your life so that you are wrapped up in the enjoyment of it, and you will be surprised by the people that are drawn to you.

So, thanks, Ada, for showing me that people in D.C. can be nice (hopefully those few people weren’t just tourists from Idaho). ;)

Ada is apart of the fam

Ada and Heels

That is all.