Monday 4 April 2011

[Update] A Tale of Love

When Melly sent me those photos, she put a huge smile upon my face. And then I thought: "Some people won't see the magic." and I started thinking of this post...

There are different ways to react at these photos depending on what you focus on. Melly is a skilled photographer but I appreciate above all her sense for details and her sense of humour, I can imagine her smiling like a child right after doing something silly. 

Take this snapshot on the bus. Don't think about it as a photo but as a piece of a puzzle, as an experiment: imagine Melly or even better imagine yourself taking Ada out of your bag and switching your camera on... You may feel a bit silly at first or slightly embarrassed, there may be people looking at you, wondering what the heck you're doing. Or it may go completely unnoticed. Anyhow, I can guarantee that you'll have a rush of adrenaline and I can guarantee you'll have a crush on Ada - even though she's made of plastic. And I do hope you'll be proud about being part of this collective experiment. 

When I tell people about this project, it's always interesting to see their reactions: some smile and tell me how much they love the idea and I'm thrive on their enthusiasm; some don't really see the point and look at it as a waste of time. I don't blame them, we're all different and I don't expect everyone to like every single of my projects. But I can't help to wonder why they don't understand the magic in a globetrotting doll or in trusting people you've actually never met. How often do you trust strangers these days? Ada is my daily dose of magic. 

Thank you for making the magic happen.

Photos by Melly
Words by Adeline