Tuesday, 30 November 2010

[Inspiration] Karen & Doggy.

Doggy was offered to a quiet 21 year-old girl on Christmas 2008. He decided that he would spend his life travelling and meeting people, dragging his poor companion/photographer with him, whether she liked it or not. Which is as honorable as any project involving travelling and having random silly fun with friendly strangers can be. Except that, only a few months after making this decision, Doggy learnt that his fluffy backside was to be sent to Australia for a year, consequently limiting and expanding beyond his future exploration beyond all expectations all at once. Since then, Doggy has made a point of visiting as many well-known cities as possible and posing in front of their most emblematic locations, charming passers-by in the process (especially, for some mysterious reason, women in their 40). Even though the journey back to homeland is drawing closer, there is little doubt that coming back to Europe will stop Doggy's wanderlust. So, if you ever happen to spot him enjoying a coffee in Paris, striding along Regent Street, befriending sheep in Scotland or visiting museums in Berlin, please do come and say hi.

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