Tuesday, 18 May 2010

[Inspiration] Ashley & Domo


An angry brownie - That's what I thought when my sister bought her first Domo. Isn't it funny how we look down our noses at things we don't understand? Not to say that I understand Domo now. He still looks like a brownie to me, but there is a special place in my heart for him.

I bought my first DSLR last summer, and after letting it sit pristinely on a shelf for a few months, I am diving in! I do not have a baby or pet to take constant pictures of, so Domo makes a good replacement (& he's cuter than some people's babies...I kid!). He started out as a prop for practicing composition, and over time has turned into a game- What fun places can we take Domo to today?

Through the Domo pictures I have explored my city and opened up my eyes to unusual places of beauty. Maybe Domo will inspire you to take a look around your dwellings and see something spectacular.

More photos here.

You can also visit Ashley here:
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  1. Hahah "he's cuter than some people's babies!"

  2. I love Domo!! Thank you so much for sharing him with your readers! <3

  3. so cute! a lovely angry brownie hehhe


  4. i love the polaroid at the end... :)

    nice blog, dear!


  5. Okay, you live in Virginia, you enjoy natural lighting, and you have an angry brownie. My sister gave me one of these guys because she knows my love of all things dumb and pitiful looking (I can't help but love this guy for his sad, helpless exterior), and no one else really seems to understand. You have gained a follower because of this post. And I just like your blog in general. ;-) Thanks for visiting mine!!